Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Saw a story in the New York Times magazine about the Phillies' rotation and groaned, because I have Cliff Lee fatigue (sour grapes) and because I think they're overrated as a team, considering Ryan Howard's limitations against lefties and Chase Utley's physical state.

BUT, it's really good.  Pat Jordan is a terrific magazine sportswriter.  I had never heard of him until he started popping up on Deadspin a while back, but maybe that's just because I stopped reading Sports Illustrated a long time ago. I keep thinking maybe I should buy his book.

Anyway, cool piece for those who care too much about baseball, like me, or those who like it a little bit but want to learn more about the subtle physical and strategic stuff that isn't apparent on the surface.

Also, from a journalistic perspective, I can't believe he got so many people in the game -- Mike Schmidt! -- to go on record as candidly as they did.  There's a little bit of this phenomenon at play where old players always want to think everyone was better and tougher in their heyday, like when Goose Gossage refuses to fully acknowledge the greatness of Mariano Rivera.  But still, impressive to see player talk that goes beyond platitudes.

Finally, since I'm officially a blogger-in-my-pajames now (though currently not in my mom's basement), how about a prediction: I think the Braves will beat them.


  1. Poor Joe Blanton. Excluded from the photo and barely gets a single paragraph's mention.

  2. And he's well more than one-fifth of that rotation, at least if you're measuring in pounds.